Our services

Our services cover all areas of real estate.
In our view, real estate is not just individual properties with their particular architectural –
it is much more.
In terms of their particular architectural, structural and construction qualities, buyers are
as interested in the economic, financial and legal aspects as the geographic, demographic and ecological environment of a property.
At Caletta Immobilien we believe in partnership between top-level professionalism
and personal interaction.

To support customers selling properties we assist by offering free evaluation and analysis of the property, collection of the necessary sales documents and the provision of advertising materials, including a photo shoot.
We present details of the property on our website.
We have value know-how of the most suitable channels for the international marketing and the assisting of our clients in all phases of negotiation with potential buyers.

We manage and rent the properties of our clients through our personal contacts and our international advertising channels.
We carefully select the clients on the basis of personal knowledge, or following
appropriate background investigation.

Real estate management
We place the utmost attention to detail in the management of real estate.
We provide assistance and monitoring of small or large renovations, with as appropriate, reliable high profile professionals, craftsmen and local businesses.
Our central goal is to resolve all the daily concerns of our customers.

Appraisals / Consulting
We concern ourselves with each individual object in order to perceive its values ​​from
a wider perspective.
We offer expert advice and an exceptional personal commitment to our customers
and their needs.
We have a profound knowledge of the international real estate market.
Clients can rely on decades of experience and professional skills.